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So many problems can arise from having blocked gutters and down pipes. If there is muck and debris in the gutter and the outlet, the rain water will sit still instead of running away as it should. This can result in rotten roof felt and timber fascias. The gutter may come away from the fascia due to the weight of the water inside.

The water has to go somewhere. If there's a bad run on the gutter or the union has sagged, the water may tip over, either running down or splashing onto the base of the wall. If the run is good, the water will head towards the outlet. If there is a blockage here, which is the most common problem, it will leak over the side or through the joint in the bend. The water will usually run down the outside of the down pipe until it comes into contact with the wall via the bracket. This can also happen if there is a blockage in the pipe, drain or soakaway.

In all cases, the result is DAMP WALLS. This can be serious, as insurance companies often refuse to pay out on this type of problem. Exterior walls dry out but extensive repairs may be required if the damp gets through to your plaster, paint and flooring inside which it eventually will if the water keeps running.

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One of the first companies  to offer high level vacuuming from the ground. Using our powerful vacuum machines and specially adapted lightweight  poles we are able to reach over your conservatory or extension to the most awkward places on the roof line up to 50ft.


Our business is clearing and cleaning gutters, pipes and gulleys of all sorts and sizes. Many cleaning companies and window cleaners now offer a similar service but we specialise in gutter cleaning. It's our main business, and, unlike others, we have various machines and tools for the job.

We also replace, repair and maintain gutters, downpipes and uPVC cladding. As part of a network of recommended and vetted tradesmen, we can help with all kinds of problems with your property. Don't be afraid to ask, no job is too small and we always quote for the job before starting.

Strict health and safety measures should be in place on all sites with regards working at height.* You could be held responsible if the tradesman you employ has an accident while working on your property. We very rarely use ladders to minimise risk to people and property.

Our aim is to offer a service that's second to none.  

If you would like a quote then please call FREE 0800 6121072

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